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Retreat Accommodation Request

On this page, you can request retreat accommodation at Dharmalaya Institute (subject to availability).

Kindly note that Dharmalaya Institute does not provide accommodations for holidays or casual visits. If you would like to come to Bir just for a visit or holiday, see the Bir Portal for a list of hotels and guest houses in Bir. If you are participating in Dharmalaya’s programmes, then you should use the relevant application form for the desired programme to specify your acccommodation request, and there is no need to submit a separate request here. The only reason to use this form is if you wish to do a meditation retreat at Dharmalaya, or if you are an invited guest for some other purpose.

Please answer all questions and then add any questions or comments in the message box (the big one at the bottom) so that we will have all the information we need in order to serve you. And please note that your accommodation is not confirmed until you receive explicit confirmation from Dharmalaya Institute (which might take a few days, so we thank you for your patience).

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