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Indian Express Article on Didi Contractor

Journalist Shiny Varghese has written a lovely and insightful article for the Indian Express about celebrated earthen architect Didi Contractor, who is Professor Emeritus of Dharmalaya Institute’s Internship in Vernacular Eco-Architecture, having cofounded the internship programme with Mark Moore in 2013. The story follows Didi from her roots in the US through her move to India in 1951, her work restoring the Udaipur Lake Palace (which brought the limelight to her), and finally her move to Himachal Pradesh, where her interest in earthen architecture flourished.

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Didi Contractor Honoured with Lifetime Achievement Award

Didi Contractor, a celebrated earthen architect and co-founding Professor Emeritus of the Internship in Vernacular Eco-Architecture at Dharmalaya Institute, was honoured with WADe Asia’s Lifetime Achievement Award for her work in natural building in the Himalayas, which has inspired countless architects in India and beyond.

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