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While our News page reports on the biggest stories in Dharmalaya, our blog gives you a wider window into life and work at Dharmalaya, from a more personal perspective.

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Himalayan Pilgrimage: An Architect's Reflections on Her Internship at Dharmalaya 

Editor’s Note: Anujna, an architect from Pune, recently spent some time at Dharmalaya Institute for the Internship in Vernacular Eco-Architecture. She wrote about the experience on her blog and kindly allowed us to republish her eloquent story here.

Himalayan Pilgrimage, Part I: Dharmalaya

When I look back on my summer study travels, often it is the flavor and tenor of those places, light and coziness of spaces, people, their pasts and so many interlinked stories, that fill my heart with some unknown affection, as though I have spread my roots into those places and people, as though they are very much part of my being…

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