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Resources for Compassionate Living

Dharmalaya Institute is pleased to provide an evoloving collection of resources to support compassionate living.

We define ‘compassionate living’ as ‘a caring commitment to live in ways that minimise harm to other beings and to oneself, while also striving for the betterment of oneself, other beings, and the planet we share’.

Dharmalaya embraces the integrated model of compassionate living developed by the Earthville Network, which incorporates ecological sustainability, social responsibility, holistic health, and mindfulness practice (see Earthville’s articles on Responsible Global Citizenship and Sustainable Thriving). We are working with Earthville to adapt this model to the particular cultural, economic, and geographical realities of the Himalayas and, more broadly, South Asia.

As a part of this effort, we are assembling a collection of resources to support the public in the cultivation of greater understanding and practice of the various aspects of compassionate living, including natural construction, organic food, and other areas of sustainable living, as well as what we call ‘inner sustainability’, which includes holistic health, personal development, and contemplative practices (mindfulness, meditation, yoga, etc.).

This page serves as a sort of index for content in various locations. All of the topics presented here are interrelated, but for simplicity we will group them into a few familiar categories.

Note: This section of our website is a work in progress that will be updated periodically, so you may wish to drop by now and then to see what’s new. We also invite anyone with an interest in compassionate living to contribute your own ideas and inspriations to the conversation, which you can do by contacting us here).

Compassionate Food: Natural, Organic, & Plant-Based 

Organic Food: What Is It and Why Does It Matter?

Dharmalaya’s Vegan Commitment

Dharmalaya’s Model Organic Farm and Edible Landscape Projects

Earthville Orchards: Organic Tree-planting Programme at Dharmalaya

Compassionate Buildings: Green, Safe, Affordable, Energy-efficient, & Beautiful

Vernacular Eco-Architecture: What Is It and Why Does It Matter?

Dharmalaya’s Green Masonry Training (Certificate Programme)

Dharmalaya’s Internship in Vernacular Eco-architecture

Compassionate Action: Volunteering, Service-learning, Karma Yoga, & Responsible Business

Volunteer & Service-learning Programmes

Staying Healthy in India

Dharmalaya’s Ethical Commitments

Responsible Global Citizenship (article at