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Dharamshala Volunteer FAQ > Information for Volunteers in Dharamshala > Do I pay for my own food and lodging, or are room and board provided?

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You will need to pay for all of your own food, accommodation and other personal expenses. Please understand that Dharamshala is a community with thousands of refugees and not much money so, unfortunately, it is usually impossible for local organizations to provide free room and board for even the most dedicated volunteers. There are very rare exceptions for some qualified, dedicated long-term volunteers at a few of the largest institutions in the area, but those positions are reserved for highly skilled people who make a serious commitment for at least a year or more to provide a much-needed service and, even then, it is subject to scarce availability of rooms. In short, unless you’re one of these highly skilled, long-term volunteers (e.g. doctors, nurses. et al) you’re on your own. Fortunately, food and accommodation in Dharamshala are quite affordable, so if you can afford to get to Dharamshala, you can probably afford to live here. See the answer on living expenses (above).