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There are some important factors to consider first, but in general we welcome parents to bring children during volunteering periods if you feel our environment will be suitable for your family and especially for you child. There are a few things we urge you to consider carefully, to make sure you understand and feel comfortable:

  • Our campus is still under construction and there may be various hazards around the campus, so children must be supervised by their parents to ensure their safety. (Kindly note: Dharmalaya does not have the capacity to monitor children’s safety and cannot be responsible for them.)
  • We are in a remote rural area, and it is not easy to get medical or other supplies that you might need for children (we’re about a 50-minute walk from the nearest small shop).
  • Everyone eats the same vegan group meals and there is no provision for families ordering special food for children or cooking their own meals. For that reason, children in residence would need to be able to eat the communal meals. Kindly note our campus is completely vegan, so animal products are prohibited (including meat, eggs, milk, honey, etc.). 
  • Sometimes there are water shortages that can last anywhere between a few hours and a few days, which for adults is merely an inconvenience but for children may require special consideration.
  • We are far from a doctor or hospital too, so in case of any urgent medical issues there is some risk — a bit more than other places.
  • There are often people doing silent meditation at Dharmalaya, and generally coming here to enjoy the peace and tranquility, so parents are requested to keep their children from shouting, etc.

If any of these might present an issue for you, then our suggestion would be to consider staying at a nearby guest house and then come up to Dharmalaya before 9:00am for volunteer work, and then go back down after 5pm (or whenever is convenient for you). But if you feel quite confident that none of these would be an issue for you or your kids, then you’re welcome to stay with your children on the Dharmalaya campus while you’re volunteering with us. 

Either way, whether you sleep and eat on campus or not, you’re certainly welcome to volunteer with us.

Please read our visitor info page, which will give you an idea of what to bring and what to expect, as well as costs and how to reach us. If you have any questions after reading this, we’ll be happy to answer.

We also suggest that you read our article on ‘Staying Healthy in Rural India’.

Last updated on 15 Apr, 2017 by Dharmalaya Institute