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If you’re motivated to learn and serve, and inspired to be a contributing member of Dharmalaya’s ashram-style community, then yes, you’re most welcome to volunteer with us during one of our ‘Volunteer Work Periods’.

The Dharmalaya Institute’s campus is presently in the construction stage, so it’s a great opportunity for volunteers who would like to learn about earthen building, vernacular eco-architecture, organic gardening, and natural landscaping, as long as you’re comfortable with the simple, rustic conditions during our startup phase and you’re happy to live and work in our ashram-style community in which the focus is on mindful service work (karma yoga) and everyone participates in the running of the place (including cooking, cleaning, etc.).

If all the above appeals to you, then you are welcome to volunteer with us during any of our ‘Volunteer Work Periods’. You can see the schedule of Volunteer Work Periods on the bottom half of our homepage.

For details, first read the rest of the FAQ below and then read our visitor information page.

Last updated on 16 Jun, 2016 by Dharmalaya Institute