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The Dharmalaya Institute is an innovative educational and charitable institution currently under construction in the Himalayan foothills of of Himachal Pradesh. In the tradition of Mahatma Gandhi’s Sabarmati Ashram, which united social service with personal development, the Dharmalaya Institute offers holisitc service-learning opportunities through a variety of integrated programmes spanning the fields of sustainable living, economic empowerment for rural villagers, and traditional wisdom.

The Institute provides ‘green’ job skills for rural labourers and serves as a model showcasing sustainable living practises such as eco-friendly earthen construction, high-yield organic agriculture, responsible water management, and more. It also serves as a model for culturally immersive, altruistic ecotourism in which both Indian and international students and volunteers work side-by-side with local villagers to develop and implement solutions for sustainable village development while learning about Himalayan culture and its precious wisdom traditions.

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Last updated on 19 Apr, 2015 by Dharmalaya Institute