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Short answer: Check, and bring layers so you’ll be ready for anything — hot or cold, wet or dry.

Long answer: Dharmalaya Institute is located in the foothills of the Himalayas, and mountain weather is famously unpredictable. Most any time of year, days can be warm and nights can be cool, so we recommend bringing layers.

Seasonally, the coldest time tends to be between late December and late February, but even during that period the afternoons are usually pleasant.

During the monsoon season (typically late June or early July through mid-to-late September), it rains often but not constantly, and temperatures can fluctuate but are usually fairly pleasant.

Note that due to climate change, the weather patterns that had been predictable for centuries are now changing and unpredictable, so once again we repeat our advice to check, and bring layers so you’ll be ready for anything.

Last updated on 2 Aug, 2018 by Dharmalaya Institute