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Dharmalaya Institute was established in 2009 by an Indian charitable society registered in Himachal Pradesh and recognised by the Government of India under Section 80G of the Income Tax Act, 1961.

It is founded and guided by a multi-disciplinary team of educators, sustainable development specialists, and creatives from India, the USA and Switzerland (all serving as unpaid volunteers), in close collaboration with local community members from diverse backgrounds (including many rural villagers who are employed by the Institute). This group was united by the aspiration to preserve the precious natural environment and traditions of the Himalayas while supporting sustainable development and economic empowerment in the region, and in the process providing unique service-learning opportunities for people from across India and around the world.

Dharmalaya Institute is also a member of the global campus of the Earthville Network, an international NGO providing volunteer and service-learning programmes for sustainable and compassionate living worldwide.

For more information on our team, see our People Page.

Last updated on 19 Apr, 2015 by Dharmalaya Institute