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The short answer:

No. As a matter of both policy and principle, Dharmalaya Institute does not issue certificates for its volunteers, interns, or workshop participants.

The long answer:

There is a thriving market for certificate courses in India. Such certificates are intended to convey the impression that one has learned something, but let’s be honest: In reality it’s very easy to get certificates without learning much (if anything), because in most of those courses, even if one’s body is present, the mind could be off wandering anywhere and one would still receive the certificate even if one hasn’t learned a thing. This makes such certificates meaningless, but many people are still happy to pay for them in the hope of getting some slight advantage in the job marketplace. However, most of the people doing the hiring are aware that certificates usually don’t mean much, so your time and money might be better spent seeking real learning and practical experience, not certificates.

Dharmalaya Institute is not in the ‘certificate business’ and does not cater to this market. Our prime educational objective is to serve those who wish to learn for the sake of learning, discovery, and skill development, as well as deeper insight into the world and into ourselves. We know from experience that holistic, experiential learning is its own reward. And we encourage students and young professionals to have confidence in your ability to learn and grow, and to be recognized and valued so highly for your sincere learning and your good character that you won’t need another piece of paper to prove anything about yourself.

In certain cases, academic institutions require their students to furnish documention of their participation in workshops or training programmes in order to receive credit. In such cases, Dharmalaya Institute will be happy to send a letter directly to a faculty member confirming the student’s participation in any of our formal training programmes (meaning workshops specifically, not volunteer work periods) of at least four months, provided that said student has indeed participated according to the published expectations of the programme in question, at the discretion of the programme facilitators.

The one programme for which Dharmalaya Institute does issue certificates is our Earthen Masonry training programme, which is a long-term (six months minimum) vocational development programme intended primarily for participants from rural areas who otherwise might be unlikely to complete higher education or receive any form of educational or professional credentials.

For details on Dharmalaya Institute’s published policy on certification and letters, see this page.

Last updated on 23 Apr, 2018 by Dharmalaya Institute