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Dharmalaya FAQ for Visitors & Volunteers > Programmes at Dharmalaya > Are there tuition fees or other costs required to participate in your programmes?

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There is no tuition fee for volunteering at Dharmalaya, but periodically we host special courses, programmes and events that have a reasonble tuition fee. See below for details.

Open Volunteer Periods: During our ‘Open Volunteer Periods’ there are no tuition fees. We welcome donations of any size to support Dharmalaya’s development and operations, but no monetary contribution is required or expected for tuition purposes during those periods. Please be aware, however, that you will need to be prepared to pay for your own expenses, including accommodation and food, and if you plan to stay and eat at the Dharmalaya Institute itself, then we will need to ask you to make a donation to cover the costs of your room and board. See the next question below.

Special Programmes and Events: Dharmalaya also offers various special programmes and events, such as workshops, intensive trainings, retreats, etc. Many of these programmes require a reasonable tuition/event fee, which will be specified on each event’s information page on our website. Wherever possible, we offer work-study discounts or scholarships for low-income participants. 

Last updated on 19 Mar, 2015 by Dharmalaya Institute