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There are three options for lodging in our area: staying at the Dharmalaya Institute itself; staying at the Sherab Ling Monastery Guest House (further down the valley); or staying at a guesthouse/hotel in the town of Bir. We’ll discuss each of these separately below.

Staying at the Dharmalaya Institute

The Dharmalaya Institute provides several accommodation options for our volunteers and programme/retreat participants, including private rooms, private tents, shared dormitories, and shared tents. We also provide delicious and healthy vegetarian (purely plant-based, vegan) meals.

Please note that accommodations on the Dharmalaya campus are limited and subject to availability, so, if you’d like to stay on campus, please use the volunteer form (see link below), or the relevant programme registration form if applicable, to notify us of your accommodation preference, and wait to confirm your travel arrangements until you hear back from us.

For details on the options and costs for food and lodging at Dharmalaya Institute itself, see our Accommodations page.

Before coming to Dharmalaya, please read the information on our Visitor Info page.

Staying at Sherab Ling Monastery’s Guest House

Another nearby option (though quite a bit further than Ekant Homestay, and probably too far for most people to want to walk every day) is to stay at the comfortable guest house at Sherab Ling Monastery, the main seat of Khenting Tai Situ Rinpoche, a respected meditation teacher of the Karma Kagyü tradition of Tibetan Buddhism. The facilites at the Sherab Ling guest house are among the most modern in the Bir area, and it’s usually easy enough to arrange a taxi between Sherab Ling and Dharmalaya if you prefer not to walk up and down the forested ridge every day. For details, see the web page of the Sherab Ling Guest House.

Staying at a Hotel/Guest House in the Town of Bir

There are quite a few guest houses, hotels, and cafés in Bir and, fortunately, food and accommodation in Bir are quite affordable, so if you can afford to get to Bir, you can probably afford to stay here for a while. Rates range from Rs 200 to Rs 2000 per night. Meals in local cafés and restaurants range between Rs 20 and Rs 200 per person. (You can check exchange rates here.)

More Information on Food & Lodging

For a more complete list of accommodation options in the greater Bir area, see the accommodations page at the Bir Portal. For information on food and dining, see the Bir Portal’s ‘Bir Bites’ page.

Last updated on 13 Jun, 2015 by Dharmalaya Institute