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This depends on the particular volunteer position and also the time of year.

The bare minimum commitment is two weeks for some Volunteer Work Periods and four weeks for others (e.g. during winter and the monsoon season). But if you really want to make a difference, then it is best to plan to stay at least one month, if not three months or longer, regardless of the time of year.

Please note that short-term volunteers (less than two months) may apply to volunteer only during our ‘Volunteer Work Periods’ (see schedule on the bottom half of our homepage). Long-term volunteers (two months or more) whose proposed stay overlaps with any of our other scheduled programmes would have two options during those scheduled programme periods: either (A) register to participate in those programmes (and pay any associated fees), or (B) take a break from Dharmalaya for the duration of such programmes (in order to, for example, take a trip to explore the region) so that all facilities can be made available for registered programme participants.

Last updated on 16 Apr, 2017 by Dharmalaya Institute