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Red Lotus Women's Retreat (16-23 Nov 2015)

What: Meditation Retreat for Women (as a part of a larger Indian journey)

Where: Dharmalaya Institute in HP, India*

When: 16-23 November 2015* 

Language: English 

Facilitators: Leigh Taylor of Red Lotus Journey and Robyn Peel 

Description: A six-day meditation retreat just for women, hosted by Leigh Taylor and Robyn Peel, as a part of a larger journey through India. This will be a tranquil, introspective and nourishing meditation retreat for body, mind and heart. The retreat is especially crafted for women to support you in your process of awakening the sacred and powerful feminine energy in a natural and gentle way.

*Please note:This retreat is a part of a larger group journey starting in Delhi and traveling through various sites in Himachal Pradesh. It is not possible to register only for this retreat without participating in the whole journey.

General Structure of the Meditation Retreat & Sacred Pilgrimage: 

  • The Art of Meditation and Walking Meditation: The chance to learn more deeply about meditation which which comprise of 4 Sessions of meditation including walking meditation focusing on developing loving kindness and self-compassion.
  • Yoga and relaxation sessions:  ancient Asian vitality energy exercises and sessions of yoga nidra in the evenings to fully relax before going to sleep (after looking at the stars*** of course!)  
  • Discussion and 1-on-1 sessions (if required by individuals) : Stimulating discussions on embodying your sacred feminine
  • Journal & creative vision board: Session times to journal, explore creatively and and take in the beauty of the incredible surroundings of the Himalayas in a very natural retreat space suffused with warmth and loving kindness.
  • Purifying sacred fire ceremony: The last night’s closing will include a purification fire ceremony to bring about healing and renewal.  This is a beautiful gentle event which aids harmony and tranquility. It is also a unique opportunity for us to connect with our feminine energy and awaken an inner sense of strength and purpose.  

Information & Registration

For further details and registration, please see this page at the Red Lotus Journey website:

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