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Sustainable Living in the Himalayas: A Service-Learning Retreat (21 Nov - 4 Dec 2016)

What: Residential Workshop & Retreat

Topic: Sustainable Living in the Himalayas

Where: Dharmalaya Institute in HP, India

When: 21 November - 4 December 2016 (closed retreat: must attend from the start and remain for the whole retreat)

Language: English (with Hindi translation if requested)

Facilitators: Mark Moore, et al.

Description: A two-week mindful adventure in sustainable and compassionate living, providing opportunities for exploration of both inner and outer sustainability. We will practice meditation not only sitting on the cushion but also in action, performing mindful service work doing organic gardening, eco-friendly earthen construction, and natural landscaping around the beautiful Dharmalaya campus.

Group sessions may include the following:

  • Sitting meditation (instruction and practice)
  • Explorations of various aspects of sustainable and compassionate living
  • Conscious movement: Hatha yoga and/or chi kung (morning/evening sessions)
  • Hands-on workshops in traditional earthen building, organic gardening, and natural landscaping

Cost: Rs 1000 per day (Rs 14,000 total) including comfortable tent/dormitory accommodation and healthy meals. For low-income participants, a limited number of work-study scholarships are available (for details, please contact us).


Please note that the focus of this Sustainable Living Retreat is primarily on ‘meditation in action’ (cultivating mindfulness and meditative awareness while doing building work and gardening, etc.), with daily sitting meditation practice as well. If you are interested in both meditation and sustainability, this retreat might be a great match for you. If your interest is primarily in eco-architecture or earthen building and you are not interested in meditation, we suggest you consider registering for one of our Vernacular Eco-architecture or Earthen Building workshops instead.

NOTE TO STUDENTS: This is not an academic course and no certificate or letter is given for participation.

If you have any general questions about the Dharmalaya Institute, please read our Visitor Info page and our FAQ. If you have a specific question that is not answered there, contact us here and we’ll be happy to answer.


Space is limited, so advance registration and 50% nonrefundable deposit (Rs. 7000) are required. To request registration, use this form.

To make a deposit securely via credit card or PayPal (after registering and confirming availability with us), click the button below:

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