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Volunteer Work Period (20-30 June 2016)


What: Volunteer & service-learning opportunity

Activities: Earthen building, organic gardening, and natural landscaping

When: 20-30 June 2016 (10-day minimum commitment, but you can also stay longer if you wish)

Languages: English & Hindi

Facilitators: No formal facilitation or training, but as-needed guidance from Dharmalaya staff and artisans

Description: Volunteer opportunities at the Dharmalaya Institute open to both residential and non-residential participants. During this period, there is no structured educational or training programme as such, but there is plenty of hands-on work to do — including earthen building (adobe, stone, bamboo, etc.), organic gardening, natural landscaping and possibly some tree planting — and Dharmalaya is a beautiful place to get your hands dirty and learn about green living and Himalayan culture in the process.

Since there is no formal instruction during this period and there is no organised programme, one simply shows up at the 9:00am morning circle and does whatever needs doing on a given day, learning by watching others and then jumping in to do it yourself, working alongside our local crew. Sometimes one needs to ask for help if one needs it, so a certain degree of self-motivation and initiative makes for the best experience. It also helps to bring a healthy sense of flexibility, since the work to be done might vary from one day to the next, depending on circumstances. If that appeals to you, you’re welcome to apply to volunteer anytime during this period and on into the monsoon season (with a minimum commitment of at least ten days).

For more information see our volunteer page, read the FAQ, and then complete the volunteer application if you’re interesting in joining us.

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