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Meditation Retreat with Ellen van Iersel (12-18 October 2018)

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What: Meditation Retreat with mindfulness trainer Ellen van Iersel

WhereDharmalaya Institute in Bir, HP, India

When: 12-18 October 2018

Language: English

Facilitator: Ellen van Iersel

Description: A gentle retreat in which we will explore how silence can support us in opening up to our inner and outer experiences. The days will begin with yoga, followed by guided and silent meditations. We will meditate in the four postures: sitting (on chair or cushion), standing, walking and reclining.

During meditation, we are aware of our experience here and now. We practice observing without judging. We notice how sensations, thoughts, feelings, mind states are passing by, changing all the time. We are invited to be kind and compassionate towards the experience and towards ourselves, softening into what is, softening into the depth of who we are. There will also be time to rest, journal or walk.

The first day (12 Oct) will be for arriving and orientation. The next five days will be in silence. On the third day of the retreat, we will make a pilgrimage through the beautiful surroundings. We will pass rice fields, small villages, Hindu temples and Tibetan monasteries.

This retreat is part of the ‘Mountains & Meditation’ journey organized and guided by Ellen, but is also open to other meditators, whether beginner or more experienced.

Simple accommodation in dormitories and tents in a beautiful Himalayan setting.

Important Information

For more information on Ellen van Iersel, please visit her website.

Before you pack for your trip to Dharmalaya, please read the very important information on our Visitor Info page and our FAQ. If you have a specific question that is not answered there, contact us here and we’ll be happy to answer.

Costs & Registration

Note: Space is limited, so advance registration and deposit are required.

The base cost for the seven-day retreat is Rs 6000, inclusive of shared accommodations and healthy vegetarian (plant-based, vegan) meals, and there also will be an opportunity to offer dana (donations) to support the teacher and Dharmalaya, as per tradition.

Enrolment in this retreat is by application only and space limited, so advance registration and 50% nonrefundable deposit (Rs. 3000) are required. To apply, use this form. Once we approve your application, we will reply with further instructions and information. The remaining balance of Rs 3000 will be payable upon arrival at Dharmalaya Institute (so be sure to bring enough cash with you, plus extra for offering dana).

For Participants with Indian Rupee Bank Accounts

You can make your nonrefundable 50% deposit either by in-person deposit at any HDFC branch, or electronically by bank transfer (intra-bank transfer for HDFC accounts, or NEFT for non-HDFC accounts). We will send bank details after your application is approved.

For Participants without Indian Rupee Bank Accounts

After we have approved your application and requested you to make the deposit, you can make your non-refundable 50% deposit securely by credit card, debit card, eCheck, or Payal. Just click the button below:

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