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Karma Yoga Retreat for Compassionate Living (7-18 Nov 2017)

Event: Retreat-workshop (residential)

Topic: Holistic exploration of compassionate living and the path of service, incorporating Himalayan culture and philosophy, meditation and conscious movement, the organic gardening, healthy cooking, natural building, personal development, and more

When: 7-18 November 2017 (must attend from the start)

Language: English (with Hindi translation if requested)

Facilitators: Mark Moore, Naresh Sharma, et al.

Description: Residential programme in a hybrid retreat-workshop format, exploring both the inner and outer aspects of a compassionate and sustainable life oriented toward the service of others and playing our humble parts in the creation of a better world. This holistic programme will combine elements of a meditation retreat with workshop-style activities related to sustainable and compassionate living, with hands-on work undertaken as karma yoga (mindful service to others as a path to personal and community development). There will be group meditation sessions in the mornings and evenings, plus daily explorations of traditional Himalayan wisdom for developing ourselves as compassionate global citizens and being the change we wish to see in the world.

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