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Meditation Retreat with Ellen van Iersel (12-18 October 2018)

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What: Meditation Retreat with mindfulness trainer Ellen van Iersel

WhereDharmalaya Institute in Bir, HP, India

When: 12-18 October 2018

Language: English

Facilitator: Ellen van Iersel

Description: A gentle retreat in which we will explore how silence can support us in opening up to our inner and outer experiences. The days will begin with yoga, followed by guided and silent meditations. We will meditate in the four postures: sitting (on chair or cushion), standing, walking and reclining. During meditation, we are aware of our experience here and now. We practice observing without judging. We notice how sensations, thoughts, feelings, mind states are passing by, changing all the time. We are invited to be kind and compassionate towards the experience and towards ourselves, softening into what is, softening into the depth of who we are. There will also be time to rest, journal or walk.

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Compassionate Living Intensive (12-29 Jun 2018)


What: Intensive workshop-retreat (residential)

Topic: Designing a life of compassion in action, integrating personal and professional development with a lifestyle of sustainable thriving

When: 12-29 June 2018 (must attend from the start), followed by an optional extended practicum (volunteer work period)

Language: English (with Hindi translation if requested)

Facilitators: Mark Moore, Naresh Sharma, and members of the Dharmalaya faculty and community

Description: Eighteen-day residential service-learning programme in a workshop-retreat format, exploring both the outer and inner aspects of a compassionate and sustainable life, including organic gardening and permaculture, natural building, healthy cooking and eating, meditation, mindful movment (yoga/chi kung), and more.

Overview: What’s this all about? 

Are you a person who aspires strongly to live your live with compassion, to live sustainably in harmony with nature, and to develop your full potential as a catalyst for bringing positive change to the world? If so, this intensive workshop-retreat is designed especially for you.

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