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Dharmalaya values social engagement and thus seeks to cultivate community — both local and global — and we believe in the power of creative collaboration to achieve what none of us could do alone.

There are three concentric circles of community involvement in Dharmalaya: the local community, our membership community, and the global community.

Local Community

One of the greatest assets to the Dharmalaya Institute is our local community here in the Himalayan subdistrict of Baijnath in Himachal Pradesh, India, which consists of Himachalis who settled in the area many generations ago as well as semi-nomadic shepherds and Tibetans who have arrived in more recent decades. The villages in this area include Ghornala, Keori, and Sansaal, and the closest towns are the popular ecotourism destination of Bir and the revered Hindu pilgrimage destination of Baijnath. The local culture of this area is relaxed and friendly, and many people are interested in doing good for others and taking care of the environment.

Memebers of the local community requested that we create jobs for some of the villagers who are underemployed or facing hardhips, so job creation and vocational training is one of Dharmalaya’s primary contributions to the local community. We employ villagers for construction, farming, tree-planting, cooking, and more. Through these win-win partnerships, we are cultivating ever-strengthening relationships that enhance the lives of both the local villagers and the visiting students, volunteers, and guests of the Institute.

Membership Community

Dharmalaya’s membership community is comprised of all our friends and supporters — local, regional, and global — who choose to participate in the Dharmalaya community. Dharmalaya serves to channel the kindness, generosity, knowledge, resources, and enthusiasm of our membership community to advance our charitable mission to benefit the local and global communities.

We invite all who support Dharmalaya’s mission and principles to join the Dharmalaya community. Membership is free of charge, though donations of any size are welcome and very helpful. Click here to join now.

Global Community

As a member project of the Earthville Network, Dharmalaya is connected with many kindred spirits and mission-aligned organisations around the globe, and this diverse family is one of our greatest assets and joys.

We welcome all who take interest in Dharmalaya or any of its projects to contact us to explore what we might do together in service of a more compassionate and sustainable world.

See our links page for some of the organisations and kindred spirits in our community.

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