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The Dharmalaya Institute for Compassionate Living

Our Himalayan Eco-Campus

The Dharmalaya Institute is an innovative educational and charitable institution currently under construction near the Himalayan town of Bir in the Indian state of Himachal Pradesh. In the tradition of Mahatma Gandhi’s Sabarmati Ashram, which united social service with personal development, the Dharmalaya Institute offers an integrated programme of experiential learning, economic empowerment, traditional wisdom and volunteer service.

The Institute provides ‘green’ job skills for rural labourers and will serve as a model showcasing sustainable living practises such as eco-friendly construction, high-yield organic agriculture, renewable energy and more. It has already begun to serve as a destination for altruistic ecotourism where international visitors will work side-by-side with villagers to develop and implement solutions for sustainable village development while learning about Himalayan culture and its wisdom traditions.

An Holistic Approach

The Dharmalaya Institute, when completed and fully funded, will integrate three core components:

  • Sustainable Living School: A service-learning campus providing experiential education and training for sustainable, compassionate, and healthy living, with an initial focus on service-learning and vocational training in the fields of natural building, organic agriculture, renewable energy, green cottage industries, et al.
  • Sustainable Development & Social Welfare Programs: A hub for sustainable development initiatives and other charitable programmes to benefit the community and the environment, including the promotion of local green economies by incubating eco-friendly cottage industries, and other social welfare activities.
  • Seva Ashram: A nonsectarian centre for the study and practise of Himalayan wisdom traditions such as meditation, yoga, philosophy, and holistic health while also providing meaningful karma yoga opportunities such as volunteer service work to benefit the community and the environment.

The Next Steps

Dharmalaya has begun construction on an ideal site for the Institute, just outside the village of Bir in the Himalayan foothills [see map]. We are now in the process of raising funds to complete the construction of the Institute, and donations of any size are very much appreciated. For more information, or to request a formal proposal, please contact us.

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