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Dharmalaya Institute’s multi-disciplinary, international team brings together a diverse array of skills, experiences, and sensitivities that, together, guide the course of our activities.

Management Team

Pushpa Thakur: From the local village of Dhanaari, Pushpa is our gardens and grounds manager, and is also a skilled artisan who can make just about anything.

Rajinder Thakur: Also from Dhanaari, Rajinder is our construction manager and one of our most skilled artisans.

Key Members of the Board & Faculty

Mark Moore: President of Earthville LLC and Founding Director of the Earthville Network; educator, producer, designer, and writer (USA)
Savita Paul
: Retired Principal and Cofounder of Billing View Public School (Bir, HP)
Didi Contractor:
Renowned architect specialising in traditional eco-friendly earthen construction methods of the Himalayas (Sidhbari, HP, India)
Sourabh Phadke
: Educator and eco-architect (Pune and Delhi)
Sidney Rosario, Ph.D.
: Professor of computer science, with a strong interest in sustainability (Mangalore, Karnatka, India)
Karishma Khakhlari
: Originally from Assam, Karishma is a member Dharmalaya’s Board and a star of our kitchen team, cooking up healthy, natural, vegan cuisine to sustain and delight.
Naresh Sharma:
Foreman and earthen building advisor (Rakkar, HP)
Savneet Kaur: Principal architect at Imarat Architects (Karnal, Haryana)
Mai-Linh Leminhbach: Member of the Earthville Network’s Board of Directors; Special Projects Manager for Groupe E Connect SA, Switzerland; Shiatsu therapist (Switzerland)

Key Collaborators & Advisors

Sandeep Kakkar, F.C.A.: Chartered Accountant for Dharmalaya Society (Palampur, HP, India)
Virsingh Kawarchhatri: Architect with training in bamboo construction (Bangalore, India)
Chiara Chiodero: Architect specialising in earthen architecture (Italy/Bangalore, India)
Jaswant Paul: Certified organic agriculturalist (Bir, HP, India)
Dara Ackerman: Cofounder of DEVI; artist and educator (California, USA)
Leigh Taylor: Administrator and facilitator of women’s workshops (South Africa & Portugal)
Justin Van Uytrecht: I.T. specialist and environmentalist (South Africa & Portugal)

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