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Dharmalaya Programmes & Events

The Dharmalaya Institute offers a variety of programmes to the Indian and international communities, including vocational education for villagers, service-learning and volunteer opportunities for the general public, workshops, retreats, long-term courses, and more.

Current Programmes at Dharmalaya Institute

Dharmalaya Institute provides green jobs and vocational training for local villagers, and offers a variety of educational and transformational programmes for the general public related to compassioante living and sustainable thriving, exploring the relationship between the inner and outer environments.

Sustainable professional development programmes for Himalayan villagers

  • Vocational training and green jobs with living wages and benefits: Dharmalaya Institute provides Himalayan villagers from low-income backgrounds with on-the-job training in the art and practice of eco-friendly earthen construction (natural building), organic gardening, and more. These jobs and the knowledge they acquire support them to uplift themselves through opportunities for continuing skill development and progressively greater earning potential. 

Short-term programmes for the general public

  • Workshops in compassionate living and sustainable thriving: Periodic short service-learning workshops (typically 10-18 days) providing hands-on experiential education in various aspects of sensible, sustainable, and compassionate living, including earthen building techniques (e.g. adobe masonry, cob, rammed earth, bamboo, etc.), organic gardening, natural landscaping, and more. › See our Events Calendar
  • Volunteer service-learning programmes: Periodically, we welcome volunteers and students from around India and around the world to learn the arts and methods of sustainable living (including earthen building, organic gardening, etc.) by working alongside our local team, which also facilities cultural exchange in a win-win model of immersive educational ecotourism. These volunteer opportunities typically take one of two forms: ‘volunteer work periods’ of usually 2-4 weeks; and practicums that follow some of our workshops (which range from 1-6 weeks). › More
  • Earthville Orchards’ Tree-Planting & Carbon-Offset Programme:  A win-win programme enabling conscientious global citizens and responsible businesses to sponsor tree plantings in India to help reduce your net carbon footprint while providing eco-restorative employment for rural villagers. (Ongoing) › More

Long-term service-learning programmes for personal and professional development:

  • Compassion in Action — Holistic Service-Learning Immersion for Caring Contemplatives: A long-term, residential service-learning immersion opportunity conceived to provide a supportive environment for caring contemplatives to take a deeper dive into the possibilities of compassionate, sustainable, and sensible living, integrating the outer work (improving our world) with the inner work (improving ourselves) through mindful volunteer work approached as karma yoga, augmented with discussions and reflection. (Four-month minimum commitment) › More
  • Leadership for Sustainable Thriving — An Experiential Training Programme: A long-term residential service-learning programme for personal and professional development through real-world experiential education and on-the-job training for people with serious interest in practicing and promoting optimum sustainable living solutions for our own lives and for our planet.  (Six-month minimum commitment) › More
  • Earthen Masonry Training (Certificate Programme): A formal training programme in the masonry aspects of earthen building (including adobe brickmaking and bricklaying, cob, mud renders, stonework, etc.), providing hands-on, on-the-job training and supervision by master masons and also a theoretical component to explore the ‘why’ of earthen building. (Six-month minimum commitment for Level 1 certification, and longer for higher levels)  › More
  • Internship in Vernacular Eco-Architecture: A formal, academic internship programme providing architects and students of architecture with both practical experience and deeper theoretical knowledge in the arts and practices of sustainable building in the neo-traditional Kangra vernacular style of venerated eco-architect Didi Contractor. (Four-month minimum commitment, with longer commitments strongly preferred) › More

Periodic programmes in meditation, yoga, and holistic personal development:

  • Group meditation sessions (Seasonal, usually April-June and November-December)  › More
  • Meditation retreats (Seasonal, primarily March-April and July-September)  › See our Events Calendar
  • Work retreats that put meditation into action by combining sitting meditation practice with mindful volunteer service work in green building, organic gardening, and other activities related to sustainable, compasisonate, and healthy living (seasonal, usually March-June and October-December)  › See our Events Calendar

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Dharmalaya Institute is a nonprofit charitable project supported by volunteers and donations. You can help us magnify the benefit of our work by making a donation to Dharmalaya or by volunteering.

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