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Volunteering in the Greater Dharamshala Area of Himachal Pradesh, India

The Indian Himalayan town of Dharamshala (exile home of H.H. the Dalai Lama of Tibet) has become a popular destination for volunteering and educational tourism since the mid 1990s, when two of Dharmalaya’s cofounders created the first international volunteer placement programme in McLeodGanj (which was based at DEVI and KhanaNirvana Community Café from 1997-2012).

All of Dharmalaya’s volunteer programmes are now based in the idyllic town of Bir, about two hours east of Dharamshala by car. The Dharmalaya Institute in Bir offers volunteer and service-learning programmes in sustainable and compassionate living, including green building and eco-architecture, organic gardening, natural landscaping, and more. To learn about volunteer and service-learning opportunities at the Dharmalaya Institute in Bir, see this page.

Volunteer Opportunities through Other Organisations in Dharamshala and Kangra District

For those who are looking for other kinds of volunteer opportunities in Bir and the greater Dharamshala area (including Dharamsala, McLeodGanj, Sidhbari, et al), we are pleased to provide a list of other volunteer opportunities available through Dharmalaya’s network of partners and friends. Please note that the following opportunities are offered separately by other organisations (not in association with Dharmalaya) and they are mentioned here simply for your interest and convenience.

  • Volunteering at the Deer Park Institute in Bir: There are also volunteer opportunities in Bir for English teachers, computer skills teachers, and experienced video producers who are able to commit to volunteer for a minimum of four months. For details, contact Deer Park Institute.
  • Volunteering at NISHTHA in Rakkar (Sidhbari, near Dharamshala): NISHTHA is a charitable trust working for the benefit and development of society as a whole by improving the welfare of families with particular focus on women and children. For details, contact NISHTHA.
  • Volunteering in Dharamshala/McLeodGanj: In the Dharamshala area (exile home of His Holiness the Dalai Lama of Tibet), there is a frequent need for English teachers and also periodic need for longer-term volunteers with other specialisations. For details on volunteering as an English or computer teacher in McLeodGanj or Dharamshala (also spelled ‘Dharamsala’ and ‘Dharmshala’), contact LHA Charitable Trust. For those interested in committed long-term (minimum six months) volunteering to support the human rights of Tibetans, contact the Tibetan Center for Human Rights and Democracy (TCHRD) in Dharamshala. And qualified teachers who can commit to a minimum of one year can apply to volunteer as a teacher at the Tibetan Children’s Village schools.

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