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BIR, HIMACHAL PRADESH, INDIA: The Dharmalaya team returned to the building site of the Dharmalaya Institute after extraordinarily heavy monsoon rains to discover that mother nature had delivered a surprise.

The torrential downpour created rivulets that cut into the hillside on the edge of the construction site and gradually loosened the soil, eventually washing away a substantial portion of the terraces near the site and taking out about forty metres of the new access road in the process. Fortunately, the building site itself remains intact, with only some minor clearing to be done. 

A team of local labourers has begun work to clear the debris and repair the road. According to the team leader, Chohan Singh Diman, the repair work should be finished within about two weeks and once again a tractor will be able to reach the construction site to deliver stones and other building materials so that construction can resume in early November, only slightly behind schedule. 

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